Welcome Siobhan Reynolds

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is pleased to welcome Siobhan Reynolds as a Director of Consultant EngagementWith over fourteen years of experience in healthcare IT, Siobhan brings to the team extensive knowledge of both software implementations and consultant management.  

Siobhan began her career in education and then joined Epic in 2006 where she spent 4 years working on the Patient Access implementation teamShe was really drawn to the project management aspects of her position and decided put those skills to use with other healthcare organizations. After departing Epic in 2010, Siobhan spent time managing interface implementations and later went to serve as a consultant for various Epic clients 

While project management is a skill Siobhan has successfully shared with many clients, her greatest strength goes beyond thatSiobhan is phenomenal at building relationships and making authentic connections. As a result, Siobhan made the transition to working as a consultant manager across the access, technical, and analytics applications. “Building relationships and supporting consultants with their career growth gives me more fulfillment than I ever felt as a project manager,” says Reynolds. “I found the consultant relations to be the perfect fit for me, and I am so grateful for the chance to join the Evergreen team where I can continue to provide consultants with genuine care and support as they work to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

As a member of the Consultant Engagement team at Evergreen, Siobhan will work directly with Evergreen consultants to ensure they are supportedthey have resources they need to be successful; and most importantly, to ensure they feel like a valued part of the Evergreen community. We cannot not be successful without the partnership of talented, dedicated, and exceptional consultants,” says Rebecca Bottorff, co-founder and SVP at Evergreen. “Ware committed to cultivating, nurturing, and building relationships with our consultants, and we are fortunate to have Siobhan joining our team to work with consultants who are part of the Evergreen community.” 

In the upcoming weeks, Siobhan will spend time getting to know the Evergreen CommunityShe is eager to get to know each member of her team and support them in their rolesWhen Siobhan is not talking with consultants, you might find her streamlining processes, helping others problem-solve, or hanging out with her cat George and her 3 dogs!  

Please join us in giving Siobhan warm welcome. We are grateful she chose to share her passions and talents with Evergreen.   

About Evergreen Healthcare Partners   

Evergreen, founded in 2017, is committed to building authentic partnerships with clients and consultants. Evergreen offers industry-leading consulting services to health systems across the country including services like EHR and ERP implementation, optimization and support, talent management, leadership and advisory, project management, and integration. Evergreen strives to be a trusted partner to healthcare’s most talented professionals.