Our organization was founded in 2017 by a group of hard-working, passionate, and dedicated healthcare IT professionals from some of the industry’s top organizations. We started with a clear vision, to create a people-first consulting firm that supports healthcare systems with their strategic IT initiatives. 

We have built an organization on trust, transparency, compassion, and responsiveness. We are passionate about the belief that each individual matters, and collective success is achieved when each person understands their value, feels appreciated, and believes that what they are doing is important work. We pride ourselves on building partnerships that recognize and appreciate the differences that everyone contributes to the relationship, and we invest time in getting to know our consultants beyond their professional skills. We acknowledge that every client partner has a culture, strategy, and vision that makes their organization unique, and we are committed to getting to know those intricate details so that we find the consultant partner that is best aligned with that client.

While we started as a consulting firm that offered our services for EHR implementations, our impact and offerings have grown to support partners with other IT projects such as optimization, upgrades, informatics, Connect and Acquisitions, ERP, Cloud, and more. We are positioned to support health systems with a wide variety of their healthcare IT initiatives because attracting and retaining great talent is what we do best. We recognize that finding the perfect match requires a thorough screening and review process, which is one of our greatest strengths as an organization. We take a personalized and in-depth approach to getting to know our consultants, and this helps to ensure our client-consultant pairings are successful.

We have an unwavering commitment to building authentic partnerships with our clients and our consultants, and we invest time in cultivating a relationship with all stakeholders to ensure the best partnership is achieved. 

Join us — Grow with us

Over the course of just a few short years, Evergreen has been one of the fastest growing healthcare IT consulting firms in the nation. We are grateful for our current relationships, and look forward to earning the trust of future partners as we continue to grow the Evergreen community.